Red Plum Smoothie

Red Plum smoothie

I just can’t express how yummy the drink was !! it was heaven…?! never made something very simple,special and yummy yet.(at least i think so?)!!


today after our weekend brunch we 3 had a craving for a sweet drink..and there i found some Red Plums..and in the dairy section there was thick cream as well..

so a new idea of blending both a days i am playing more with fruits and sweet recipes ever since i have reached back Qatar!!:-)


her i am taking this to my friends at Angie’s party:-)..


here’s the easy recipe:



red plum-4(sliced)

thick cream-half packet(or as per taste)

sugar-1/4 cup(optional)

milk-1/2 cup

How to make:

1)simple!!! give a toss to all the ingriedients together in a blender till smooth…!!

the plum should be blended well without chunks remaining at the bottom


serve chill…


the smoothie was a hit …it was a big surprise to see my li’l one and hubby gulping it without any gap!!for the first time she asked for “SOME MORE MAMMA”?


yeah,the creamy taste added more fun to the usual taste of plums…try this one guyz and njoy a new taste..


njoy folks?!!


    1. Yeah.. It was!!thank you so much?

  1. Your smoothie looks delicious. No wonder it was a hit!

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