Stir Fried Chicken With Vegetables!!

With Leftover Roasted Chicken:

After so many Sweet posts, here comes a Spicy one?!! Actually I love preparing and eating Spicy  Dishes rather than Sweet!! We make sweet dishes on special occasions or whenever any of us have a craving ..


Today i am coming with something that would be very handy to all of u..this is a re-do recipe with leftover Roasted Chicken(take out) ….instead of trying usual ingredients and same method,this time i tried something very simple and healthy…the chicken itself tasted awesome so minimal additions were needed!!


do give a try to this recipe next time you got roasted chicken left in the refrigerator:-)..


here’s the recipe:



Broccoli-3/4( half boiled with salt)

red kidney beans-1 tin

potato-1(sliced and boiled with salt)

roasted chicken-(shredded to pcs)

red chilly-2 spoon(crushed)

rice bran oil-2 spoon( recently i switched to rice bran oil..learnt it was more healthier)

How to make:

1)heat a pan and add oil.. When the oil is heated enough add the broccoli and sauté add some salt if needed!!

2)now when the broccoli is cooked add the red kidney beans without the water content and cook for 3-5 mins..


3)now add the crushed chilly flakes and stir well..this is the only spice we using here..

4)now let’s add the chicken and stir well along with all the ingredients..Cook till all the flavour is mixed up..


5)add the cooked potatoes when the flame is about to off.. Otherwise the potatoes would be mashed while stirring  Hard..


Off the flame after a slight gentle stirring!!


Super easy stir fried chicken with vegetables are ready?!!you could add more spices and flavour if needed..


This can be eaten as a salad or as a side dish for bread/roti..


njoy folks?!!

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