Mathanga- Pazham Prathaman/ Pumpkin-Plantain Dessert( Onam Special )

Mathanga- Pazham Prathaman/ Pumpkin-Plantain Dessert( Onam Special ):

First of all, I wish you all a happy Onam?!! For those who doesn’t know Onam-its the Harvest Festival of Kerala.. The festival which everyone in the state celebrates despite of the caste and religion..


Festival of flowers,happines and of
course yummy food..Ona-Sadya is the key attraction..its a complete meal served with atleast 10-15 side curries ( all veg ) and different variety of Payasam/ prathaman?!!


here i am coming with an Onam special sweet drink-prathaman( my first attempt as my own recipe.. Used to prepare by following recipes from the magazines)! I hope you all would love it..

Also this is the first time I am trying a sweet recipe with Pumpkin?!!

Here’s the simple recipe:



pumpkin-1/2 of a medium 1( chopped-iused half riped )

plantain-4( chopped )

jaggery-10 pcs

coconut milk-of 1 full coconut

water-1 1/2 cup


coconut-1 medium pc ( sliced to thin small pcs )

Ghee-6 spoon

cashew nuts-a handful

How to make:

1)first boil the pumpkin along with some water in the cooking dish/ URULLI with the lid closed..let it get cooked well..

2)now to this boiling water add 2 pcs of jaggery and cook add plantains to this ..let the boiling mixture become thick the flame!


3)now let this order tramadol canada cool well.. Blend it along with some coconut milk to a smooth paste in batches!!


4)now heat the same urulli/ dish ( washed).. Add half the ghee..

5)to this add the pasted pumpkin-plantain muxture and stir well..atleast for 8-10 mins..

6)now add the jaggery and let it melt well..


6)now start adding coconut milk slowly and keep stirring!! I added it in two batches..

7)keep stirring this continously ( in low flame )without any stop..this is to prevent the mixture from sticking to the bottum..


8) off the flame when you get the desired thick consistency!!

9)now heat a non stick pan..add rest of the ghee and add coconut pcs along with cashew nuts and saute till golden brown..

10)pour this seasoned coconut and cashew to the prathaman/ dessert..and once again give a nice stir..


our Mathanga-pazham prathaman is ready?!!


Serve it hot or cool as per wish..i prefer to drink in medium hot!!

the prathaman was yummy with not much sweetness.. More sweet would make you stop drinking much, so i made it less..


Once again Happy Onam???!!here i am taking this to Angie ‘s party as an onam treat to all my friends over there?


njoy folks?!!


  1. Wow Nimmi, drooling here….fabulous enjoy and Happy Onam dear…

  2. Happy Onam! What are a wonderful recipe.

  3. This looks lovely. happy Onam 🙂

  4. Happy Onam, prathaman looks so yummy 🙂

  5. Thank you for bringing your Onam recipe to Fiesta Friday. It looks beautiful and creamy with all those cashews and coconut. I hope we can look forward to more of your original recipes soon. Happy Onam to you!

    1. Wow.. Thank you so much Hilda?!!
      All my recipes here in the blog are just like this,. All of them created with my own twists and tastes?!!

  6. Happy Onam, the prathaman looks delicious!

  7. Yum yum…. I made paalada & parippu parathaman ?? happy onam ?

    1. Oh woww!! Thats really great..
      Yeah, Happy Onam?

  8. Looks yummy and delicious 🙂
    Happy Onam.

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