Dragon Fruit-Mixed Smoothie

Dragon Fruit Mixed Smoothie:

today i made another mixed fruit smoothie with dragon fruit as the key ingredient..and it came out so GOOD?!!


and now a days i am really excited to try out more yummy smoothie recipes by bringing different ingredients in one glass..




here’s the simple recipe:



  • Dragon fruit-1/2
  • avocado-1
  • water melon-1/4
  • milk-1/2 cup
  • sugar-3 spoon

How to make:

1)give a toss to all the ingredients order tramadol online.com except milk together.. And blend well..

2)later refrigerate the thick smoothie for half an hour or so..


3)later mix milk to this and blend with hands..


smoothie ready?!!!


The avocado & water melon added new taste to the dragon fruit..

the smoothie was awesome with more brighter color..


loved it??!!

njoy folks?!!


  1. Ohh, this smoothie might be soooo yummy! And the colour is fantastic! 🙂

    1. Yeah?.. Thank you so much for the lovely words..

  2. I love that there is avocado in this! I’ve never had dragon fruit before! Beautiful coloring on this smoothie!

    1. Yeah Lori.. Me too having dragon fruit for first time ?!!
      Thank you so much??

  3. What a gorgeous color! Can you taste the avocado? Or does it just smooth things out?

    1. Nika, the avocado’s taste was ruling the smoothie.. ?!! I could feel the whole avocado .. Myself also amazed?!!

  4. Lovely Color Nimmi!!! I hardly find Dragon fruit, I feel like gulping it now 😀

    1. Oh woww!! Give a try when you get hold of some..
      Thank you so much Malar ?

  5. Amazing. . Adding avocados gives the richness naa. Vibrant color

    1. yeah,,,they were awesome!!!
      thank you so much:-)

  6. Wow love this elegant colour. ..never tasted dragon fruit and not finding it here. ..will haunt for it and try this asap. …gorgeous. …

    1. thank you so much Chithra:-)
      oh yeah…i hope you will try this when you get some, some day:-)

  7. Lovely colour and passion fruit adds that extra charm to this smoothie… Very nice.. 🙂

  8. What a beautiful color. Looks refreshing 🙂

  9. Colour is cuteee!I have never tasted dragon fruit…its easily available here…How does it taste?sweet?I wanna try this smoothie!

    1. Woww… It tasted yummm…do give a try once!!
      Thank you so much?

  10. I’m trying this tomorrow for sure! Also I’ve nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award 🙂 You deserve it!

    1. oh so sweet of you:-)
      i am really glad to hear from you…
      thank you so much,..i hope you will love it..

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