Mac-Bread Salad With Feta & Garlic, Italian Salad Dressing

Mac-Bread Salad With Feta & Garlic, Italian Seasoning:

so here comes another new salad recipe?!! I think my blog is too full of salad varieties ( this is 5th/ 6th)!! But i can’t stop myself from sharing all new experiments with you all..


yesterday i cooked some extra macaroni so that i could add some to today’s salad..!!the salad was really yummm and new to our taste buds..




here’s the easy recipe..



bread-5 slices( sliced to square pcs)

macaroni-1/4 cup( boiled )

chicken Sausage-5( sliced )( the one i used was one with pepper in it-tasted awesome)

butter-for toasting bread

olive oil-1 spoon

feta & garlic salad creamy seasoning- 3 spoon( or more as per taste)-this is my favorite seasoning ever❤??!!

Italian seasoning-1 teaspoon

black pepper powder-1/2 spoon

Green lettuce-2 small bunch( chopped )

How to make:

1)first of all toast the bread pcs with enough butter to golden crispy brown..

2)now in a pan saute sausages well with olive oil..


3)now in a tray add the lettuce, sausages, bread slices along with pepper powder and mix well..

4)now add the macaroni and creamy salad seasoning & italian seasoning..

give a nice stir and serve with more creamy salad if needed..


the crispy bread & mac with the seasoning tasted awesome?!!


do give it a try guyz…its super easy and yummmm!!!


njoy folks?!!


    1. Thank you so much?!!
      Oooops, not Shannu,Nimmi here??…

      1. Gosh! I keep getting your names mixed up. Last time promise Nimmi 🙂

        1. Ha ha?!! Yeah sometimes its confusing….

  1. Nimmi, salad looks super tempting… And lovely clicks too.. 🙂

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  4. Hi this bread salad with feta and garlic dressing . Is it compulsory to add this dressing or any other can be added?. This salad is served hot or cold?

    1. can add any salad dressing as per your will taste good if served slightly hot..:)

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