Beef Mac Casserole With Indian Spices (too easy )

Beef Mac Casserole( too easy.):

yesterday i was feeling too lazy to cook??..for lunch take out was the option left?!!but we were not in a mood to eat out for supper too.. So i decided to cook something very easy for supper..and Macaroni was my choice!!



there was some beef mortadella’s in the everything was clear?!!


the cheesy mac casserole would go well on a lazy day without much effort..


here’s the recipe:



macaroni-1/2 cup( cooked )

Beef mortadella-6 ( sliced )

garlic-6 cloves ( chopped )

mozzarella cheese-1 cup( grated )

Olive oil-2 spoon

Turmeric powder-1/4 teaspoon

chilly powder-1/2 teaspoon

coriander powder-1/2 spoon

tomato-1 ( chopped )

onion-1 ( chopped )

jalapeno-1 big spoon

green chilly-1 ( chopped )

tomato paste-2 spoon

How to make:

1)heat the pot, add oil .. Then saute the crushed garlic for a while in it..

2)later add the onion and saute for a while along with salt..

3)now add the beef and saute for a couple of mins..


4)later add all the masala powders, jalapeno and tomatoes..cook well!!

5)now add 1/4 th of the grated cheese and mix well.. Soon add the macaroni and mix all together..check salt and add more flavors if needed..


Now off the flame ?!!

6)now take a baking dish with some butter and fill it half with sprinkle half of the  cheese evenly and then fill the left mac..

7)layer well and finish it off with the left keep this in a preheated oven for 2-3 mins..


and…….,. Serve hot?!!if not all the taste would be gone..


the melted cheese is heaven❤❤?!!


Give a nice stir before serving for more yummines..


njoy folks?!!


  1. Love that you used Indian spices!

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