Mixed Fruit Smoothie with Chocolate Biscuit

Mixed Fruit Smoothie With Chocolate Biscuits:

It’s been since a long time that I made / posted smoothies..today i had a special craving for some?!! And i found some nice ingredients which tasted awesome when blended together?!!everyone ❤❤ed it…


here’s the recipe:







pineapple-1/4 of a big 1

sugar-2 spoon

chocolate Biscuits-4

cold water-1/2 cup

How to make:

( very simple??)

1)give a toss to all the ingredients together and blend till smooth?!!


serve it chill …

as my mom got a problem with pineapple i made its quantity less.. If you love pineappleadd more..


the chocolate biscuits added new richness to the yummy smoothie..


do give a try to it and njoy new taste..

and here i am taking this smoothie to Angie’s party?❤!!


njoy guyz?!!


  1. Interesting.. I should try adding avocados too 🙂 Love the idea. Thanks

    1. You are Welcome and thank you so much for the lovely words?!!
      I hope you would love it?

  2. Hey Nimmi,
    I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award, wonderful team member readership award, the wordpress family award, and the liebster award ? I know it’s a lot to take but there is no pressure to participate but do check it out! Two of which, you nominated me for! Thanks ? ❤️ https://notbikiniready.wordpress.com/2014/08/23/blog-awards/

    1. Wow?!! Thats so sweeeeeet of you … I am really honored to recieve 4 awards at a TIME!! Loved it…And THANK YOU SO MUCH UMMEY..
      Hopefully looking forward to accept it soon?!!

      1. loll I’m such a procrastinator so i just did it all at once! well I’m glad u like it haha 🙂 you deserve it !

  3. Wow gorgeous Smoothie with lovely teaming in here …slurp…

    1. Thank you so much Chithra.. Yeah, it tasted awesome?

  4. that’s a tall glass of smoothie with lots of fruits !!! 🙂

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