Independence Day Tricolor Cake & Mom’s Birthday Cake

Independence Day Tricolor Cake & Mom’s Birthday Cake

August 15th is very special to me as being an Indian & as a’s our home country India’s Independence day…And my mom’s birthday too on the same date..!!


happy Independence day!!


so i decided to bake my first cake on this awesome day.. Was really exciting!! Please sorry me if my recipe was a mess!! referred too many youtube videos and google for perfect baking tips..thanks to all of them..


made a slice of tricolor cake and a whole single layered sponge cake, because a full tricolor ed cake won’t be consumed by us!!

and here’s my cake recipe:



  • All purpose flour-2 1/4 cups
  • powdered sugar-1 cup( my mom is diabetic, so made less)
  • Egg-2 butter-1 cup( melted )
  • baking powder-3 teaspoon
  • milk-1 cup
  • salt-a pinch
  • Apple green color & orange red color-as shown in image
  • butter-for greasing the baking dish..
  • Butter / parchment paper

for icing:

  • Icing crumbs-1 packet( i used ready made one )
  • cold water-1/2 cup
  • kiwi( green and yellow)-as per needed

How to make:

1)first lets prepare the cake mixture..mix all the dry ingredients,ie flour,baking powder,salt,sugar in a large bowl with spatula..

2)now add melted butter and give a nice whisk( as my hand blender is at Qatar,i did everything with a whisker by hand)!!

3)now let’s add the milk and whisk gently..start adding the eggs one by one..whisk nicely to a smooth thick batter..


4)whisk it continuously for 5-10 mins nicely..


5)now grease the baking dish with butter and place a round cut wax paper on it again greased..

6)pour the cake mixture to it and layer it place the baking dish in preheated oven at 200 degree for 30 mins..( check it in between order meds us tramadol with a tooth pick ).If the tooth pick is coming clear, that’s the time to stop baking!!

7)now take the cake from oven and let it cool .. When it’s cool once ,remove from the dish and wax paper.. ( ohhh, it was an awesome moment to see my first successful attempt after 2-3 worst experiences)


8)now i divided the left cake mixture to three small batches..added green & red color on each of them..leave one uncolored..( first time using artificial color in my recipe post ?)


9)as its for 1 slice only ,i baked them in 3 small square dishes together without preheating the oven (because the oven is already hot) for 15-20 minutes ..

10)now lets prepare the icing.. As it ready made i just needed to whisk it for 10 mins well with cold water..


11)now lets decorate the cake.. Take the sponge cake, with the spatula or icing knife, apply icing all above the cake evenly…place kiwi or any other fruit as per wish..( i preferred kiwi because its mom’s favorite)..

12)now with an icing cone i decorated the middle portion of the cake in between the kiwi’s..??!!( hope it’s not that worse)


13)now i decorated the tricolor slices , cut to triangle slice with icing in between each layer and top..


so my here’s my cake !! I’m so happy to bake a cake at home for my mom’s birthday..i am just going crazy about baking now..looking forward to do more !!


i am being inspired a lot from my blogging friends..who bake yummy awesome cakes.. Thank you guyz..


here i am taking them to Angie’s Fiesta friday party the kiwi added more taste to each bite of the cake!!

Njoy folks?!!


  1. Wow amazing baking :-)cake looks very moist

  2. Anyone can bake, Nimmi. It just takes the right time and right mood. 😀 This cake really looks beautiful and the colors are so light, yet so appealing in the eye and tummy. 😛 Have a happy birthday to your Mom. Enjoy FF and thanks for bringing this pretty and delicious cake. <3

    1. oh Jhuls dear…thank you so much:-)
      i really adore your baked recipes…hope to try them soon…
      happy FF:-)

  3. I love how the colors on the inside of the cake go so well with the decorations on top! Can’t wait to see what else you bake now that you’ve started! Happy FF, and have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    1. thank you so much kaila:-)
      yeah myself too looking forward to do more baking!
      happy FF

  4. Your cake looks fab Nimmi and many happy returns of the day to your mum!

  5. Looks delicious! Hope your mother enjoyed it, Nimmi! 🙂

    1. yeah Ahila….Thank you so much:-)

  6. So pretty. Happy Birthday to your mom.

  7. Congrats on your first successful cake! It’s goooorgeous! Can’t wait to see your other baking adventures!

    1. ohhh:-)!!! thank you so much:-)

  8. Beautiful cake Nimmi , happy birthday to your mom!!! Happy Independence Day 🙂

  9. Spectacular cakes.

  10. What a great first cake, you’re definitely a natural baker! I can’t wait to see what else you bake now!
    Happy independence day and happy birthday to your mum! x

  11. Wowsa! This is beautiful! 😀

  12. Yes, a very special day indeed for you Nimmi! Your first cake?! Looks like you have been baking cakes forever! Gorgeous and delicious!

  13. Such a beautiful cake, and I can’t believe it’s your first cake, you really did an amazing job!!

  14. This cake is beautiful, and surly says “it’s still summer”!

  15. Wow gorgeous Nimmi. …looks delicious..happy independence day…

  16. I expect your mother will be very happy with your beautiful cake. May you both enjoy the day, the celebration and of course the cake.

    1. yeah…mom loved it…thank you so much:-)

  17. Beautifully done on both! Happy Independence day!

  18. looks so good Nimmi 🙂 Belated Happy Independence Day!!

  19. Gorgeous cake, Happy Independence Day!

  20. Very nice Nimmi, lovely color & flavors 🙂

  21. Beautiful cake! I would have never thought to color the various layers, great idea! Happy Birthday to your Mom, and happy Independence Day!

  22. Yum! Looks delicious!! Happy Independence Day 🙂

  23. Your cake looks so delicious! Happy independence day!

  24. Oops I can’t navigate myself to an ‘about’ page to say thanks for following my blog, so it will have to go here. I appreciate the ‘follow’. Have fun!

  25. Looks beautiful. Thanks for liking my post on traditional mooncakes! 🙂

    1. My pleasure?!! And thank you so much for stopping by..

  26. Hi there! Here is my acceptance post for The WordPress Family Award. Thank you so much Nimmi for thinking of me. 🙂

  27. First effort,says who!! This looks beautiful Nimmi. I bet your Mama loved it <3

    1. Yeah…?!! Thank you so much for the lovely words..

  28. Bingo! You nailed it on your first attempt. Looks moist and good 🙂

  29. Wow such a beautiful cake I am sure your mom would have enjoyed it a lot.. Belated wishes

  30. Happy Independence day and Happy Birthday to your mum even though it’s a bit belated. You have done a marvellous job on the cakes – well done! And have a wonderful week too!

    1. sorry for late reply:-)!!
      thank you so much for the wishes and lovely words…I am too excited to hear from you “the expert in baking”..your recipes inspired me a lot!! 🙂

      1. Oh Nimmi, you are too sweet! I am hardly that expert on baking – just that I have done a lot so know the pitfalls and a few tricks I guess! Happy to hear that my recipes inspire you though – you just have to keep at it! x

  31. Wow Nimmi, the cake looks super awesome.. Love the colours and presentation..
    Glad to connect with you…:)

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