1 Filling And 2 Recipes!!( Tuna with Pasta Sauce made to-1)Puff Rolls & 2) Lasagne Rolls)

1 Filling And 2 Recipes!!( Tuna with Pasta Sauce made to-1)Puff rolls,2)Lasagne rolls )

 Last day  for Ifthar i made two entirely different recipes with one filling..tuna was the key ingredient.. Along with the readymade pasta sauce which i bought from the store.. The flavor was Arrabiatta, enriched with tomato, garlic and Italian herbs!! It tasted awesome… first recipe is lasagne rolls..and the other one is puff rolls., both were rolls??!!

So let’s start with the recipe of Puff Rolls!!




puff pastry sheets-i used 2 square sheets for 1 big roll

tuna- 2 tin

Onion-2 ( finely chopped )

G&G paste-1 spoon

green chilly-1 ( finely chopped )

Pasta sauce-3 spoon( if you want to make it ah home,please do check my another post Tortilla pizza for the recipe)

black pepper powder-1/2 teaspoon

How to make:

1)first let’s start with preparing the filling..Heat a pan.. Add the needed oil from the tuna tin( so no need of extra oil )!!

2)add onion and green chillies.. Saute well along with salt..add the G&G paste to it and cook well..


3)now add the tuna buy bulk tramadol chunks , pepper powder and pasta sauce.. Cook together and let it become dry..Off the flame when its done!!

4)now take 2 puff pastry sheets and roll it in a rolling pin to a big long sheet..

5)add enough tuna filling to this pastry sheet and spread evenly all over..


6)now lets start rolling the pastry sheet from one side along with the filling till the end carefully..


7)now cut the roll into small small pcs…and grease it with some oil ( i skipped the step of spreading beaten egg over it..)

8)now take a baking dish and grease it with some oil and place the rolls on it..

9)now preheat the oven at 180 degree and keep the rolls for 15-20 mins.. Keep checking it after 8 mins.. Some may cook so early.. So avoid the trouble of overcooking?!!


Take it out when cooked well?!!


Serve hot along with some pasta sauce or any other as per wish!!


The recipe of lasagne rolls coming on next post…

njoy folks?!!


  1. This looks so good! Perfect when you have guests coming over 🙂

    1. Yeah that’s true Sarah?.. Very quick and yummy!!

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