Bread Pudding with White Chocolate( in less than 20 mins )

Bread Pudding with White Chocolate( in less than 20 mins )!!

easy bread pudding with white chocolate

Today I made Bread pudding for Ifthar.. It was really easy to do!! And came out so well!!

easy bread pudding recipe

The bread pudding just vanished from the dining table soon after it was served??!!even my dad and mom who were not so interested in sweet dishes, had it with great fun..If you are a Bread Pudding Lover here is another yummy Brown Bread Pudding with Fruits and served with whipped cream!!

easy bread pudding recipe



  • Bread slices -10 ( i used milk bread )
  • sugar-1/2 cup
  • condensed milk-1/4 tin
  • Cashew nuts-a handful( chopped )
  • Vanila essence-1 teaspoon
  • Unsalted Pistachio-a handful( chopped )
  • Milk-1 small cup


  • egg-2
  • Baking powder-1/4 teaspoon
  • White chocolate-2 inch pieces ( cut to tiny chunks )
  • Unsalted butter-for greasing the baking dish

How to make:

1)first of all add sugar,condensed milk,vanilla essence,milk, eggs, baking powder and condensed milk together in a bowl..beat well..and keep it aside..


2)now grease the baking dish with unsalted butter evenly all over..

3)place the bread chunks evenly on the baking dish and  press it nicely,so that we can fill more quantity in the tray..

easy bread pudding recipe

4)pour some mixed Milk solution over it evenly.. Press the bread again and sprinkle some nuts and chocolate chunks over it..

5) again add more bread, sugary milk solution and add nuts and chocolate chunks.. Keep this going till it reaches the top..

easy bread pudding recipe

6)now keep it in an oven preheated at 180 degree, for 12-13 mins.. Keep checking after 10 mins..


once it reaches the required form, take it outside from the oven. Let it cool and then slice it..

bread pudding
bread pudding

so,bread pudding is ready!! mine was a bit hard like cake and we loved it.. if you want it moist and soft ,add more milk solution and bake in low temperature..


bread pudding

njoy folks?!!


  1. Amazing texture.. love bread pudding

    1. Thank you so much☺!!!yeah they came out so well today

  2. This looks amazing! Will be trying your recipe ASAP! Thanks

    1. Thank you so much??!! Thats really great .. I hope you will love it??

  3. This sounds so good. All of your photographs are amazing.

    1. Thank you so
      Much?!! All the final presentation pics are being clicked by my hubby?

  4. Nimz white choclate s mixed wit d solution?

    1. No da.. Just sprinkled the tiny chunks all over the layers?

  5. Oh wow! This looks delicious! I’m going to have to try making a gluten free version at some point! Thanks for the inspiration! Definitely following now 😉

    1. Thank you so much?!! I hope you will love it..i also followed your amazing blog!!

      1. Thank you for following! I will have to try at some point I bet it will be perfect!

        1. Yeah…?!!
          You can do it great❤❤

  6. I love bread pudding 😀
    Love the fact that you made it with white chocolate!
    Looks so tasty!

  7. The pudding looks moist and tasty! White chocolate and nuts-great yummy addition! 😀

    1. Thank you so much?!!
      Yeah the taste was amazing..

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