Momos and red chilly dip!!

momos with red chilly dip

Momos: a native dish of Nepal !! 10516848_830191023665506_6572876606344431061_n Momos is one that dish which is very close to my heart!! I was introduced to lot many new tastes at the Capital City of India-New Delhi..!! The streets of Delhi amused me with its rich culture,crowd, and of course with the food varieties.. My first exposure to the North Indian Food..Momos is that one snack we loved to eat anytime from the Nepali ladies who sold it in Bicycles..!! They tasted awesome..And now me too started cooking it at home itself, which became my family’s favorite one.. And im taking this So here’s my simple recipe of momos:
Ingredients: image

  • All purpose flour-1 cup olive oil-2 spoons
  • Pepper powder-1 spoon
  • boneless chicken breast piece- 2 ( cooked and finely chopped)
  • cilantro& mint leaves-a handful( finely chopped)
  • Ginger-1 big piece( finely chopped )
  • garlic-5-6 cloves( finely chopped )
  • onion-2 ( finely chopped )

How to make:

1)first of all let’s prepare the dough for momos.. Take a pot with flour, add some olive oil, salt.. Mix all together and add enough water and press hard to get a soft it well so that it become really soft, still hard with less water.. Keep it aside..

image 2)now lets prepare the filling..Heat a pAn with oil.. Add the G&G to it.. Saute well so that the richness of ginger and farlic should mix well with the oil..

3)now add the onion and salt.. Saute well and add the leaves.. Cook together and add the chicken..

image 4)now add the pepper powder..mix all the ingredients together and off the flame when its done!! image

5)now lets start rolling the dough to long round Roti in the rolling pin?!!make big thin roti..cUt it to small rounds  with a mug or any round shaped cap or something. image

6)so now our roti’s for the momos is done.. Lets buy 100mg tramadol online start filling chicken to it..

7)place 1 spoon filling in the middle of the roti.. Start to pleat from one side till the end as shown in the as the final momos touch, twist all the secured pleats to another side so that the given shape is achieved.. image (Momos can be done in many shapes!! But this is my favorite??) image

8)now take a steaming pot..grease the strainer plate with some oil.. And place momos over it.. My steamer got 3 layers.. So i divided the the total momos to 3 batches and placed accordingly..

9)steam the momos with boiling water inside and lud closed for 10-15 mins.. ( look in between whether momos are cooked or not) and off the flame!! image so our momos are ready..!! image image Red chilly dip!! image the momos are in complete without its accompanied red chilly dip..this dip adds more taste and flavor to the momos.. A plate of momos is served along with the yummy dip..


  • red chilly-4 onion-1 big ( sliced )
  • garlic-4 cloves
  • ginger-1 small pc
  • Mint & cilantro leaves-a handful
  • Hot sauce- 1 spoon tomato
  • ketchup-1 spoon
  • sugar-1/2 teaspoon
  • Olive oil-1 spoon
  • tumarind paste-of a small portion

How to make:

1) keep a pan..Add the red chillies and cook for a while till they become dark..

2)take it out and add onion, salt, tomato and G&G..cook well..

3)add the tumarind paste,both the leaves, hot sauce, salt ,sugar and ketchup.. Saute all together.. And off the flame.. image 4)blend all the ingredients together and make it to a thick paste.. image The sweet and hot red chilly dip is done?!! as momos are cooked by steaming really healthy and oil less… happy Fiesta Friday:-) image Njoy folks?!!


  1. Gosh these look so yummy. Bookmarking and will try soon!

    1. thank you so much…
      i hope you will love it!!!

      1. Will let you know when I get to experiment with the recipe 🙂

  2. 1 “bug” of ginger, made me giggle!! I love foods of Nepal and these Momos remind me of the giant soup dumplings in Chinese cuisine . . . . I can’t wait to try these, they look so simple except for the pleating!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and your lovely comments?!!
      U can do the pleating too, its really simple?

  3. They look so perfect thanks for bringing them! I’ve never made “dumplings” of any kind before but this looks encouraging!

    1. Thank you so much?!! Give a try and njoy..?
      I have also uploaded another dumpling recipe

  4. I’ve never heard of this! They sound AND look lovely!

    1. Ohh.. Im so glad to introduce new dishes to your taste buds??!! This is from Nepal and its available as a street Food in India( my country ), especially at the Regions nearer to Himalaya’s

  5. You had me fooled for a minute, while I wondered how you rolled such perfectly round circles of dough. Then the cutter came into view!

    These do look so very good. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

    1. ha ha…:-)thank you so much for stopping by:-)
      i hope you will try it out some day…

    1. Oh my just showed my mother this and we agreed to make this for Iftar one of these days!

      1. woww!! thank you so much..I am really glad that you people loved it…i hope you will love the taste too…:-)

        1. Hey so today’s the day we decided to make them! I shall post pictures soon 🙂 thanks for the wonderful recipe.

          1. Ohhh!!! Really?.. !! Eager to see.. Hope you and family enjoyed it?..

  6. Love momos Nimmi. What a detailed and good recipe. Ji would definitely sub the chicken with cabbage or tofu :).

    1. yeah that’s a good option!! there’s veg momos too..i think the filling is similar to the veg samosa’s with more Ginger and Garlic..!
      thank you so much for the kind words…:-)

  7. These look amazing and I love the flavors 🙂

    1. thank you so much:-)
      really pleased to know you liked it

  8. never heard of these.. your steamer looks great.. have bookmarked it

    1. oh…thank you so much!! glad to know you liked it..yeah,the steamer is awesome..its actually a 3 in 1 purpose 3 kind of plates!!

  9. I was wondering yesterday that I’d like to prepare some dumplings/ momos. Your step by step photos are really useful, thanks for bringing this to FF!

    1. oh,,,:-)my pleasure would be mine…
      i am pleased to know you loved it..

  10. Wow! a lot of love and hard work has gone into these I can tell. So beautiful, love dumplings!

    1. Thank you so much?!!
      I am so pleased hear from you..

  11. They look amazing, just like the ones you get at Chinese restaurants. Awesome?

    1. Awww?!! I am so pleased hearing your lovely words❤❤!!
      Thank you so

  12. Thank you for following my blog, look forward to catching up on yours.

  13. Wow, this is an absolutely unique and delicious recipe you brought along to the Fiesta! I love to learn about recipes from all over the world and this is definitely something I would love to try! They remind me of dim sum, I love that they are steamed. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us at Fiesta Friday and hope you had fun partying! 😉 Sylvia

    1. Thank you so
      Much Sylvia?!! I am really pleased to know you liked it..yeah i reallynjoy partying at FF?

  14. Yum, these sound and look amazing. I love indian food, I’ve love to go to India one day and try all their food for real

    1. Wow!! Thats a good idea?!! I hope love for Indian food would definitely take you there one day?!! Thank you so much for stopping by

  15. I have never tried momos before and they look delicious! Even more so with the chilli dip. Thanks for bringing to FF! 🙂

    1. You ate welcome… ??!! Happy FF

  16. wow, these looks so good! I do love momos but never tried making them at home! Yours are just beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much?!! Do give a try.. Its super easy??

  17. This looks fantastic!!

  18. These are lovely! I can think of all kinds of things to use with the chili dip.

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