Roasted Beef Mortadella Salad

Roasted Beef Mortadella Salad:


Since last some days  Salads completely disappeared from our diet.. ?! So now I am trying to get back to our salad diets..and here’s a quick yummy salad recipe with roasted beef..?


Roasted beef mortadella-6 slices( cut to square pcs)

Cabbage-1/2 ( sliced thin )

Olives-2 big spoon( as per taste )

Lebanese gherkins/ baby cucumber Pickle-as per taste( any pickled veggies would do )

Feta-garlic salad cheap tramadol 100mg dressing- as per taste( any salad dressing can be used )

Olive oil-1big spoon

Black pepper powder-1 teaspoon

How to make:

1) heat a pan and add olive oil.. Saute the roasted beef mortadella and cabbage along with some salt till it become tender.. Don’t cook full..

2) now place this on a plate, add pepper,olives and pickles.. Now add the garlic salad dressing and mix together.. image

Salad is ready?..


njoy Folks?!!

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