Cabbage Stir Fried Rice with Shrimp

Cabbage Stir Fried Rice with Shrimp:


Today I made this particular recipe for lunch.. There was some left over shrimp in freezer.. So planned a rice with lot of veggies, especially cabbage and of course Eggs too…!!

surprisingly it came out so well and tasted great..??!! do check this easy rice recipe which would be really helful at a busy / lazy day..



cabbage-1/2 of small 1 ( sliced thin )

carrot-3 small ( sliced thin long )

Potato-3 medium sized ( sliced thin )


Onion-1 ( sliced in round )

garlic -5 cloves ( crushed )

Olive oil – 3 big spoon

Black pepper powder- 1 big spoon

soya sauce-1 big spoon

green chilli sauce-1 big spoon

Long basmathi Rice – 1 big glass

How to make :

1) first of all boil the rice in enough water along with needed salt and cook!! drain the rice when its cooked 3/4..

2)now heat the cooking pot .. Add olive oil and saute the garlic & onion for a while..

3) add the potatoes along with salt and cook in low flame.. With lids closed! Give a nice stir occasionally!( dont let it stick to the bottum of the pot )

4)after 6-8 mins add the carrots and mix well.. Continue cooking in low flame with lid closed..


5) now add the key ingredients cabbage and pepper powder add more salt if needed.. Also add the sauces..

6)add the shrimp and cook well together..

7) later Scramble the eggs after keeping the veggie stuff to a side in the same pot itself..Continue the same low flame cooking with lid closed for 5-8 mins..


8) now its time to add the rice?!!

9) give a nice stir all together and cook for some time with lids closed.. Dont forget to stir occasionally..


10) off theflame when its cooked enough !!

serve hot..we had it without any side dish or something.. Yeah ?, it was that yummy..


Njoy folks?!!


  1. Sounds delicious! Love the photo tutorial. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much??!!
      Yeah.. Almost all my posts got step by step tutorials.. Because I think images would help a lot for the newcomers in kitchen in order to avoid confusion?..

  2. I love fried rice. My mom in law makes a dish similar to this! Love the shrimp, the cabbage, carrots, the garlic, and soy sauce, with the rice.

    1. Thank you so much?..nice to hear that your mom in law cooks similar.. Yeah the fried rice is one that recipe all love to prepare and eat!!

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