Orange-Pepper Shrimp Sticks ( super easy and less ingredients )??:

Orange-Pepper Shrimp Sticks ( super easy and less ingredients )??:
Today we got some nice shrimp from the market.. So the Lunch was really awesome with the richness of shrimp..with one portion typical Kerala Special ” coconut shrimp curry ” was made.. I used the other half to try a new easy taste..

so here’s that one recipe:


shrimp- 20 nos ( i took that much )(cleaned without skin )

black pepper powder-1 big spoon

Orange juice- of 1/4 of medium 1

olive oil-2 spoon

Bamboo skewers-4 / 5

Salt-as Per needed

How to make:

1)keep shrimp on a Plate or pot, then squeeze the juice of orange, add pepper and enough buy ultram cod salt..mix all together and keep for sometime..may be 1/2 an hour or so..

Shrimp marinating
Shrimp marinating

2) now stick the Shrimps into the bamboo skewers.. I placed 4/5 on 1..


3)now heat a flat pan or cooking vessel..

4)add olive oil to the pan and place the shrimp sticks on the pan..


5)cook each side of it till soft..after 6-8 mins cook it for sometime with the lid closed..

6)now off the flame!! Easy shrimp sticks are ready??
the hotness of pepper is covered with the sweetness of the orange juice…completely opposite tastes are blended!!


Njoy Folks??!!


  1. Thank u so much Lori and Nika ??

  2. Nice looking, good loking good 😀

    1. Thank you so much ☺☺

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