Homemade Fruit Yogurt Layer???

Fruit yogurt layers

Homemade Fruit Yogurt Layer???:

Today evening I was thinking of making any smoothie..I took all my favorite fruits..removed the skin and chopped to pieces!! Suddenly a new idea stroked me ” why not to make fruit flavored yogurt at home?”

so here’s the recipe..please do try it!! Was really awesome, and the highlight is that no preservatives and added colors..!!


  • Mango-2 medium sized( without skin, chopped)
  • guava-2 ( skin peeled off and chopped )
  • Water melon- 1/4 or as per needed (chopped to tiny chunks and without much water content )
  • Pomegranate-1/2
  • yogurt-6 spoon ( it can also be replaced with ice cream if yogurt is not your favorite)
  • sugar-4 spoon

How to make:

1)blend 3 spoon yogurt, 1 spoon sugar along with the guava.. No need of water or milk.. Blend till it become smooth and take care not to make it loose ..

2)again blend the mangoes with same quantity of sugar and yogurt..and the consistency should be same like guava.. (I assure you , it will taste yummmm??)

Mango yogurt, gauva yogurt
Mango yogurt, guava yogurt

3)now mix some sugar to the watermelon chunks and remove excess water..

4)now lets start the layering process..get ready with the serving glass..

5)first add 2 spoon of Guava yogurt ..

6)place the second layer of mango yogurt..For mango also , same 2 spoon is enough..

7)now top it with the water melon( 2 spoon)..


8)now add 1 small spoon of mango layer and guava layer…)!!

9)now finish it off  with the pomegranate..it looks so colorful and great…?!!


I hope you will give it a try..

Yogurt layer
Yogurt layer

njoy folks..?!!


    1. ??Thank u Aruna-ji..!!

  1. Looks so refreshing! Love the pomegranates on top!

    1. ?Thank u lori…!! Yeah it was really refreshing..

  2. Delicious I love Yogurt and beautiful colours! 🙂

    1. Thank u so much??.. My li’l one just loves yogurt.. All natural colours of fruits!!

      1. It really looked wonderful, I will try it! 🙂

        1. ??yeah.. Hope you would like it..

          1. I am sure I will! 🙂

  3. I love fruit and yogurt. This looks so delicious! Perfect for the summer days ahead …thanks so much for sharing!! I am just now finding you, great blog! You are off to a good start! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much ??!!
      Really glad to hear from you..
      Comments from great bloggers like you means a lot to me?

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