Creamy Broccoli-Egg-Noodle Soup

Creamy Broccoli-Egg-Noodle Soup

 Creamy Broccoli-Egg-Noodle Soup:


This is my family’s favorite soup recipe..I also really  enjoy preparing this.. Its so tasty and healthy as well..!! Almost all healthy veggies are included in this soup..

 this too was done a while ago, even before i started blogging.. So no step by step images?


  • Broccoli-1 medium sized
  • carrot-2 ( finely chopped )
  • Beans-6 ( finely chopped )
  • Egg-1 big
  • sweet corn-a handful( i used frozen )
  • Fresh cream-2 spoon
  • noodles-200 grams
  • black pepper powder-2 teaspoon
  • Garlic- 4 cloves ( crushed )

how to make:

1) first thing is to boil the broccoli in enough water along with needed salt..cook for 5-6 mins.. Don’t cook full.. Drain  the water and keep the boiled broccoli aside.

2) now boil carrot and beans in water along with some salt.. Let it cook..and off the flame when its done!! Don’t drain the water..

3)now take half of the boiled broccoli in a blender and blend it without where to buy ultraman toys in singapore adding water till soft paste like consistency..

4)by this time heat  a sauce pan..and add any vegetable oil to it.. Saute crushed garlic in it add the sweet corns , pepper powder and cook for a while..

5)later add the boiled broccoli,carrots and beans along with the water in it..mix all the ingredients together ..let it cook well

6) now add the pasted broccoli and stir it well till all of them get mixed together..

7)add more water if needed.. Now add the noodles after breaking into small chunks..


8) let the noodles get cooked well till soft .add an egg to this boiling solution.. Let it also get cooked..

9)finish it off with the final ingredient,cream ..cook for 2-5 mins in low flame..

Now our thick creamy broccoli soup is done!! Its very colorful and yummy as well..


Serve it hot and enjoy..100 percentage natural.. No preservatives added!!

njoy folks?!!


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