Super Easy Pasta with Chicken Mortadella in less than 10 mins!!( full of olives)

Super Easy Pasta with Chicken Mortadella in less than 10 mins!!( full of olives )



Here’s the quick recipe of pasta sauce i did today evening when all of us were toooo hungry!!

Usually Im used to make the pasta sauce at home .. But this time i used ready made pasta sauce, which was so rich and yummy?!!

Check out the super easy recipe to try on lazy days?!!






pasta-250 grams

pasta sauce- tin sauce( i used almost 3/4 tin)

Cucumber-1/2 ( sliced thin )

chicken mortadella-200 grams( along with olives )

olives-1/2 bowl( used seed less with carrots inserted inside )

olive oil-1 spoon

How to make:

1) firstly boil pasta in enough water along with some salt..drain it and keep it aside when its almost done..


2)now keep the pan , add olive oil when its heated..later add the sauce and saute for a while..

3) now add the pasta and mix all things together..cook for 3-4 mins


4)now add the olives, sliced mortadella,cucumber slices and more sauce if needed..saute for a while..


pasta is done!!??

the pasta sauce was really rich with Italian herbs, tomato paste and olives..



In short at the end my recipe was full of healthy olives?!!

Njoy folks..?!!


  1. love quick dishes! especially when im super busy

    1. Yeah .. This was happened when i was super hungry?!!

  2. Very interesting combination of ingredients! Fun!

    1. ?Thank you so much for stopping by.. Yeah v all enjoyed the new taste a lot, especially my li’l girl and my mom!!

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