Sausage Mayo Tortilla/chapathi wrap in less than 10 mins

sausage wrap recipes
Sausage Mayo Tortilla/ Chapathi wrap in less than 10 minutes: 


Sausage is something which pleases everyone in my home.. so here’s an easy recipe of sausage wrap which I made quickly  yesterday night .. wanted to eat something light and tasty because of the heavy Indian Lunch we had !!




  • tortilla/ chapathi- 1 for each wrap( I used cilantro-jalapeno flavored tortillas )
  • mustard sauce-as per taste
  • olives-1/2 bowl
  • Pickled vegetables-1/2 bowl( i used Lebanese gherkins/ baby cucumber Pickle )
  • cabbage -1/4 ( grated )
  • sausages-12( cut to half and just roasted in 2 teaspoon oil till brown )
  • Mayonnaise-1 spoon for each wrap

How to make:

1) slightly heat the tortillas/ chapathi’s in a pan.. And keep this aside…

2) now place the tortilla on a plain surface for wrapping..spread 1 spoon mayonnaise all over it evenly…

3) later keep three sausage strips , grated cabbage , olives, pickle on one side of the tortilla / chapathi..

4) now squeeze the rich mustard sauce all over the filling and the wrap is half done..


5)now the main part is the wrapping process..fold at one side vertically and fold horizontally to a roll..

6) later fold the open side of the wrap inside!!!


So easy and yummy Sausage Tortilla/ chapathi Wrap is done in less than 10 mins!!

Cut it to half and  njoy every bite..the taste of pickled veggies and mustard sauce is soooooo yummy??

Really helpful for a lazy / tiring day instead of a take out!!?


Njoy folks?!!


  1. Nice!!
    Fond of sandwiches?
    Try Chipotle Turkey Club Sandwiches..

    1. ?Thank u for stopping by..!! Yeah i read ur recipe of turkey club sandwich!! Its really grt.. Hmm would try one day with chicken/beef.. Because Im not a turkey lover!! Thanks for d recipe as well?

      1. Thanks a lot I’ve got recipes on chicken and beef as well

        1. Ok!! I’ll keep checking ur blog?.. Hope u too would like my recipes?

          1. Amazing, I’m having a look..

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