Easy to do Bread chicken Burger Sandwich in 10mins

Easy to do Bread chicken Burger Sandwich in 10mins:


Today i did this quick sandwich for breakfast.. Its not that special, still very easy to do.. So i thought of sharing it ?



bread-as per needed( 3 bread slices for 1sandwich)

Chicken burger-1 for each sandwich( i used frozen)

Cucumber-1( sliced thin )

onion- 1( sliced thin in round )

tomato-1( sliced thin in round )

cheddar cheese-2 slice for each sandwich

oil-2 spoon

how to make:

1) fry the burgers in oil till golden brown.. And keep it aside in a tissued plate..


2)toast the bread slightly in a pan and keep it aside

3) now lets how to order tramadol cod start stacking all the things to a sandwich..

4) place the bread slice first..keep a cheese slice over it and follow it with cucumber slices and tomatoes..

5)later keep another piece of bread , followed with burger and cheese..


6) nw finish it off with the last bread slice and press well so dat the sandwich is tightly packed..


So easy sandwich is done ?!! Cut it diagonally n have it with a nice cup of tea ir coffee?


Njoy folks?!!

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