Mango – Strawberry smoothie

Mango strawberry smoothie

Mango – Strawberry smoothie:


I think I’m in love with the combination of mango and strawberry?????!!

Because recently in all smoothies I am adding these two as the key ingredients..

So here’s the recipe….



  • mango-3( sliced without skin )
  • Strawberry-as per taste ( i took 4 )
  • Strawberry syrup-as per needed
  • milk-1/2 cup
  • sugar-2 spoon

How to make:

1) blend all the inredients together till it becomes thick juicy consistency…


2)spread some strawberry syrup all over the serving glass as u wish and then pour the thick yummy smoothie to it and njoy every sip??


njoy folks?!!


  1. Yummy and refreshing

  2. Thank u ???!! Yeah it was refreshing in dis hot summer here?!!

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