Crispy Potato Fried Vegetable Biryani

veg biryani

Crispy Potato Fried Vegetable Biryani:


This weekend was dedicated to veggie recipes?!! Crispy Potato Fried vegetable Biryani was the star of the lunch..??

somehow I convinced my hubby( who loves only chicken biryani), to eat this Veg Biryani .. that too on a holiday!! yaaaay!

so here comes a super veg Biryani recipe in order to impress non veg people of  your family





  • Potato-2 ( sliced not so thin )
  • onion-4( sliced )
  • Tomato-3( sliced )
  • cauliflower-1( half boiled with some salt)
  • Carrot-1( cut to small pieces )
  • beans-6( cut to small pieces )
  • Ghee/dalda-2 spoon
  • Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
  • chilly powder-1 teaspoon
  • coriander powder-1 teaspoon
  • garam masala-1 teaspoon
  • Garlic,ginger,chilly paste-1/4 bowl( made out of 6 garlic cloves, 2 one inch long ginger pieces,5 chilies )
  • Cashew nuts & raisins- as per taste( roasted in ghee )
  • Pepper powder-as per taste
  • rice- 2 glass( I used jeerakashala rice )
  • lemon-1/2
  • whole garam masala-as per taste

How to make:

As all the biryani recipe’s this vegetable  biryani too got 3 major steps..

  1. Preparing vegetable Masala
  2. Preparing Rice
  3. Dum process and seasoning

Preparing vegetable masala:

1) heat a pan and add enough oil to fry potatoes..then fry the potatoes with needed salt and pepper powder sprinkled all over..

2) keep aside this potato fries when done over a tissued plate.


3) heat the vessel in which we are about to make the biryani..

4) add ghee.. When its melted add the onions along with some salt and saute for some time till it turns transparent..

5)now add tomatoes and saute well till they together becomes a smooth paste..

6)now add the carrots and beans to this order tramadol online reviews paste and cook well..

7)later add the green peas along with ginger,garlic, chilli paste and cook well..


8)add all the masala powders , cilantro & mint leaves and mix well

9)now add cauliflower when all the last ingredients are cooked!!


10)squeeze 1/2 lemon to this and mix well..

11)so let this mixture cook well with the lid Closed after adding crispy potatoes..

(NOTE: Please don’t overcook the masala and break the veggies?)


now the masala for the biryani is done..?!!

Preparing rice:

1) boil 3/4 of water in the cooking vessel and add the whole garam masala to it .. Let this boil well…

2) add required salt and stir well..

3) now add the washed rice and cook it …


4) drain the rice to a strainer when it’s almost done!!


Rice is ready ?!!

Dum process and Seasonig :

1) take the cooking vessel in which we made the vegetable biryani masala.. Heat it in low flame..

2) now add the first layer of rice over the shrimp masala.. And layer it flat along with some ghee spread here n there..

3) now add the second layer of rice over the first..layer it again and here comes the seasoning part… Hmmmm?

5) Sprinkle with the roasted nuts and raisins, cilantro leaves and garam masala powder..


6) now close the lid thoroughly with a heavy object over the vessel.. Cook it in low flame for 10-12 mins…


So our crispy potato fried vegetable biryani is done??!!


Mix all the rice and masala together before Serving..but be careful and don’t break the veggies?


Serve it hot along with your favorite salad and pickle?..

njoy folks? !!


  1. What I would not do for a plateful of this right now!

    1. I wish i could send u this somehow!!!

  2. Mouthwatering! I just wrote a post about how much I love indian food!

    1. Thanks for stopping by?!! Yeah i read about the awsome Indian treat u had from friends’ home!!! Lovely… ?
      Give a try to this recipe n njoy Indian taste at home?

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