Broccoli-Egg-Fried Rice

Broccoli-Egg-Fried Rice:


Fried Rice is my all time favourite food.. my hubby was not a fan of it… But now he do love eating it?!! So do my li’l one too…And that makes me happier while doin this special recipe..:-)

Here’s the recipe of healthy egg fried rice with broccoli…





Broccoli-1/2 of big 1( half boiled )

carrot-2 ( sliced thin )

beans-6( sliced thin )

Green peas-1/4 bowl( cooked or frozen)


olive oil-4 teaspoon

pepper powder black-4 teaspoon

oyster sauce-as per taste

dark soya sauce-as per taste

garlic-4 cloves( finely chopped )

onion-2 ( cut round )

rice-1 1/2 cup(washed)

How to make:

1)boil the rice in enough water along with salt and drain it out when 3/4th boiled..keep it aside..

2)now beat 2 eggs along with salt and black pepper powder..

3) sramble the beated eggs in a pan with some olive oil..keep this too aside for later..


4)now lets start the final and main buy ultram online reviews process .. Heat the cooking vessel and pour olive oil…

5)now firstly add the garlic and saute for a while..soon add the onion rings and salt..


6) later add the carrots and beans .. Saute well for4-5 mins ..

8)now add green peas,broccoli and the seasonings to it..




9)cook all the veggies together..with the lids closed for a while..

10)now start adding the rice…first add half portion of the rice and saute well till the pepper powder and seasoning sauces get mixed with it…

11)now add some more sauces and pepper if needed!! continue adding the left rice..



12)And give a nice stir after adding scrambled egg ( without breaking the rice)and cook with the lid closed for 6-8 mins..


So our Broccoli Egg Fried Rice is done…


Serve it hot and share the taste with joy…


njoy folks?!!


  1. Broccoli is my favorite but i never thought of adding broccolis to fried rice. 🙂 Indeed i always keep it as salad when i prepare fried rice. And happy to see that our procedures to fried rice are same. Cheers!!!

    1. ??!!! Oh great .. Thank u for the compliments…glad to knw dat v share some common tastes -broccoli, fried rice , egg bhaji etc?….try this broccoli fried rice .. U would love it…
      Stay blessed!!

  2. Mmm this looks so good, I love fried rice! I have to make/order mine without egg now, but I honestly can’t notice any difference. I love that yours is so full of veggies!

    1. Thank you so much Nika…?
      Yeah it was so full of veggies.. Quantity of egg was less when compared to veggies.. I hope you will try it soon?

  3. I have never tried adding broccoli to fried rice, but this looks so good. 🙂

    1. thank you so much Jhuls:-)
      i hope you will give a try and enjoy the new taste…

      1. I will. Broccoli is a favorite of mine. 😀 Have a lovely day.

        1. thank you…
          same to you too:-)

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