Long Bread Mortadella-Feta cheese-Veggie Sandwich

Long Bread Mortadella-Veggie Sandwich:


Today I have got to share a very quick and superb sandwich recipe with u all which i made a long while ago…!!?

Beef Mortadella, Feta cheese and veggie stuffs are the key ingredients of this sandwich…


Long bread-as per needed

potato- 2 medium( sliced thin )

onion-1 big( sliced )

tomato-1( sliced )

black pepper powder-1 teaspoon

Green bell pepper-1/2( sliced )

Red chilli long- 1( cut to half )

Olives-as per taste

red jalapeno-as per taste

beef mortadella-4( cut to half )

Olive oil-1 spoon

feta cheese-cut to small blocks



How to make:

1)add oil in a pan when its heated… Later add onion along with salt and saute it..

2)later add the potatoes and cook till its done with the lids closed…( for 6-8 mins )

3)now add the pepper powder along with Bell peppers and chilli..

4) now add the tomatoes and saute for a while.. Off the flame order tramadol online by cod after checking all the veggies are cooked or not!!


5) now keep this veggie stuff aside..

6)keep the pan on flame after cleaning and let it heat..Just toast the mortadella pcs for a while and keep that too aside..


7)now add the olives, jalapeno and feta cheese blocks to the veggies and mix well..

8)now the sandwich filling would b a bit salty and spicy…?yummmmmmyyy


9)take the long bread and cut to half(as per wish )!!

10)now slice the bread In middle from one side without cutting out the other end horizontally..

11) now place the mortadella slices first inside bread ..

12)Later spread the cheesy filling all over evenly and press the bread with the filling in!!!

sandwich is done?!!!


Njoy folks?!!


      1. you’re welcome I love mortadella, so delicious 🙂

  1. Yeah… So do i?!! Mortadella my too favourite !!

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