Cilantro-Mint Coated juicy Grilled Chicken And Salad

Cilantro- Mint Coated juicy Grilled Chicken And Salad:



Salads have  occupied a major portion among  our daily diet now a days.. So Im tryn hard  to keep it more exciting each time?!! Along with salads We love eating some nice grilled chicken or fish… As the oil content is really less, grilling is my personal favourite method of cooking..And sometimes i think Im in love with my grilling pan????

This time i’v tried Cilantro leaves and lemon juice as my main marinating’s the recipe ….( sorry for no step by step images?)


Boneless chicken-4 pcs ( without skin )

cilantro leaves-1/2 bunch( chopped )

Mint leaves -1/2 bunch ( chopped )

lemon juice-of 1 whole lemon

butter- 2 spoon

black pepper powder-1 spoon

Olive oil- as per needed

ginger & garlic paste-1 teaspoon

How to make:

1) place the washed boneless chicken breast pcs on a plate.. Squeeze some lemon juice all over it evenly and sprinkle some salt..

2)later add the chopped cilantro leaves and mint leaves to the chicken along with pepper powder and G&G paste..

3) flip the chicken pcs and let it immerse in the marinade…also spread the leafy marinade hard on the chicken order tramadol 200mg surface and let it stay in fridge for more than 1 hour..

More time , more taste…

4)Now after an hour or so take the marinated chicken from the fridge and keep it ready for grilling

5) heat the grilling pan along with some olive oil brushed all over.. Nw place the chicken pcs and let it cook for 6-8 mins..

6)now the great smell of mint and cilantro leaves are dominating?..Flip the chicken and cook the other side also for 6-8 mins..

7) now off the flame and keep the grilled chicken pcs aside..

8) now heat another normal pan and add butter to it.. Let it melt and later add the grilled chicken pcs to this melting butter.. Saute it for a while , till the juice oozes out of the chicken and off the flame..

9) serve this juicy grilled chicken pcs to a serving plate..!! Our Cilantro-Mint Coated juicey grilled chicken is done?!!



Njoy this delicious grill with veggie salad…I prepared red kidney bean salad along with jalapeno, Broccoli and pickled veggies,bell peppers, lettuce leaves!! The taste was so divine…….?!!


Njoy folks?!!

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