Strawberry Banana Pancake

pancake with strawberry jam

Strawberry Banana Pancake:

strawberry Banana Pancake
Strawberry and Banana are two favorite fruits of my family.. So I decided to make the first pancake more delicious and nutritious with these fruits??.

I made it as a Friday Breakfast.. So myself, hubby and I’ll one thoroughly  njoyed our holiday breakfast..

Here’s the simple Recipe:

Includes 3 steps:

1) preparing the pancakes

2)Preparing the strawberry jam

3) final layering

Ingredients for pancake: 



  • All purpose flour-1 cup
  • Milk-1 cup
  • baking powder-2 teaspoon
  • butter- 1 square piece
  • egg-1

How to make pancake:

1) firstly mix the powder ingredients together and later add the butter slice to this..( i dint use salt bcz my butter was salted )


2) later add milk and give a nice add the egg and beat all the ingredients together to the batter cosistency…



3) now heat a pan ( non stick), pour some flour and wait … The batter itself forms a round shape..

4) cook it till the bubbles appear and then flip it and cook till done..  ( don’t overcook or burn the pancakes)


5) keep all the cooked pancakes in a plate..

Ingredients for strawberry Jam:


  • Strawberry-5( chopped )
  • sugar- 1/4 cup
  • water- 1 cup
  • Banana- 3( thinly sliced )

How to make strawberry Jam:

1) heat a pan along with some water( 1 glass or so).. Let it start boiling..

2) now add the chopped strawberries along with 1/4 cup sugar.. Mix all of them together and let it turn thick red solution


(NB: I started making pancakes  at this time because the jam needs some time to turn thick )

3) Off the flame when the required consistency is reached.


Ingredients for final layering:


all the prepared pancakes, strawberry pulp and banana slices..

How to make:

1)Take the serving plate.. Place a pancake and apply the pulp with a spatula .. Spread all over evenly..

2) now place the sliced bananas evelny all over it and place the other pancake over it..

3) continue the above steps till it reaches your required height..( i did with 5 pancakes)!!


4) finish it off with the final pancake at the top.. Place a strawberry and banana slices over spreaded pulp !!

Our easy breakfast Strawberry Banana Pancake is done..

imageCut it into slices and njoy!!

njoy folks?!!

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