Honey Glazed Hot Chicken Drumstick( spicy)


Honey Glazed Hot Chicken Drumsticks ( spicy )

This was the first time i’m preparing something with chicken drumsticks..So i wanted to do it really different and exciting instead of normal fry?!!

And here the Honey Glazed Hot Chicken Drumstick Recipe ? was done!!honey-glazed-chicken-drumstick

Its actually very spicy with a bit of sweetness to cover the hot taste?..here is another Oven Roasted Chicken drumstick Recipe..

Ingredients: image

  • Chicken drumsticks- as per ur wish ( without skin i used )
  • Hot red sauce- 2 spoon
  • Soya sauce- 1 teaspoon
  • Salt- as per needed
  • Honey-1 spoon
  • Peri peri sauce( garlic) -1 spoon
  • Green chilly sauce- 2 teaspoon
  • Black Pepper powder-1 spoon

How to Make:

1) add all the above ingredients in an oven dish .. Mix it well and marinate it into the chicken image

2) keep the marinated chicken in fridge for better taste.. I kept it for overnight and prepared it for next day lunch!! ( do according to your wish)

3) now heat the grilling pan/ normal pan and brush buy mexican tramadol some olive oil evenly all over..( NB: don’t throw away or wash off the leftover marinade in the oven dish?.. V need it?)

4) now place the chicken drumsticks after giving a nice stir inside the marinade..

image 5) grill it for 3-5 mins n flit it..again cook to 3-5 mins.. Don’t cook it full.. image

6) keep the chicken drumsticks in the oven dish along with the marinade.. Brush the marinade to half grilled chicken..

7) preheat the oven at 360  for 5 mins..

8) cook the chicken drumsticks along with the spicy marinade for 6-8 mins.. image

9) now our honey glazed Hot Chicken Drumsticks are ready..

The honey would be slightly caramelized..

Ooh!! Yummy.. Serve it along with the leftover marinade brushed to it..?


Use any kind of dip u like to enjoy this spicy drumsticks.. We used chilly flaked ketchup as our dip..

Serve and eat it hot for great tastes..

Try dis particular recipe without much effort on a lazy day?!!

Njoy folks?

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