Grilled Chicken – Veggie Salad Delight!!

Grilled Chicken – Veggie Salad Delight!!


As a part of dieting ,myself and hubby made salads an important part of our daily food.. So in order to make the daily salads exciting to eat, I am doin more and more experiments on it?!!

here’s the recipe of salad with all possible veggie stuffs and grilled chicken chunks to make it more rich..


( sorry for not clicking the pic?, it was done very quick coz of hunger?)

For  Marinating:

Boneless chicken- of 2breast pcs ( cut to chunks)

hot sauce- as per needed

green chilli sauce- as per needed

lemon juice- 1/2 teaspoon

black pepper powder-1teaspoon

ginger & garlic paste-1 spoon

salt- as per needed

For Salad:

Cucumber-2 ( sliced )

red kidney beans- 1 tin

black olives- a handful

red Jalapeno- as per taste

sweet corn- a handful

lettuce- 1/2 the serving bowl ( sliced to small) ( i used Holland Lettuce )

Bell peppers- 1/2 ( i used red, green, yellow sliced)

olive oil- 1 spoon

pepper powder-1/2 teaspoon

lemon juice-1 big spoon

how to make:

1) marinate all the mentioned ingredients to the chicken chunks and let it stay for at least 30 mins for better taste..


2)now heat a pan with olive oil, add the red kidney beans along with the liquid in it to give a creamy texture to the salad..

3)cook that for a while and then add the sliced bell peppers along with some salt, sweet corns and black pepper the flame after 5-6 mins


4)now mix all the veggie ingredients in a salad bowl together.. So the major part of salad is done?!!


5) now heat a grilling pan and brush some olive oil over it and grill the chicken chunks till glazing dark brown..


6) now our final step is to mix the grilled chicken with veggie salad bowl and season with some lemon juice and salt if needed!!


Serve it and njoy the great rich healthy salad!!for sure, this is a complete lunch or dinner recipe..

njoy folks?

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