Fried egg curry with coconut milk

Fried egg curry with coconut milk: image

Egg is that one ingredient which allows us to make it however v wants!! So many yummy recipes are possible with Egg!!

Here im posting n easy curry with boiled egg with a small twist?

This curry could be served with rice, chapathi, bread…..its really delicious coz of its rich flavour from coconut milk..

Ingredients : image   image

Onion-2( sliced)

Tomato-2( sliced)

green chilli- 3( sliced to half )

garlic cloves- 5 cloves

ginger- 3 small pcs

oil-2 big spoon

mustard seeds- 1teaspoon

chilli powder-1 teaspoon

turmeric powder-2 teaspoon

Garam masala-1/2 teaspoon

boiled egg-2

Grated coconut- 1 ( first blend coconut along with less water in a blender well n extract that thick coconut milk!! Later add more water to the left coconut in the blender n blend again.. This would give us a thin coconut milk.. Keep both separate)

*if u dont hav fresh coconut milk ,can be substituted with tin cocnut milk(make thin by adding water and for next use as it is)!!

how to make:

1) heat oil in the cooking vessel and add 2 slices of a chilli.. Saute it for a second and add the boiled eggs to this oil..let it fry untill the skin of egg becomes brown.. Then keep this aside.. (Dont off the flame!) image

2) order tramadol from china quickly splutter mustard seeds to this oil..And add the onion.. Saute it well for 5-8 mins..



3) now squeeze the garlic & ginger directly into the cooking vessel( could crush the garlic  & ginger as well in blender )

4) saute the onions along with the newly added ingredient( g & g ) and then add chillies..



5)now add the tomatoes and make this to a paste like mixture..

6)later add all the masala powders n mix well.. image


7) now its tym to add the thin coconut milk( v extracted last) to this cooking onion- tomato paste..

8) mix it thoroughly with the cooking onions and cook in low flame with lids closed for 4-6 mins..

image   9)now add the thick coconut milk( extracted first ) to the cooking curry..

10) let all the ingredients get cooked in low flame with lids closed..

11) when its done after 4-5 mins cooking add the fried eggs n let it cooked along with the curry.. image


12) add more salt and masala powders if needed as per your taste.. Now nice smell of egg curry is coming with the richness of coconut milk.

so our fried egg curry is done!! image

image   Try dis yummy curry with crispy egg n njoy folks?!!!

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