Cauliflower-Chickpeas curry (Chana-Gobi masala)

Cauliflower-Chickpeas curry (Chana-Gobi masala):


chickpeas and cauliflower are two favourite ingredients of mine!! So i thought y not to make a single curry out of that!! So a new recipe was developed ( may be it won’t be new for some!! For me it was a new attempt)!

Chana -Gobi recipe I made is very easy and less time consuming , especially if u got tinned chickpeas at home!! Otherwise u could cook the chickpeas before hand…

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here’s the recipe…



Onion-2( finely chopped)

tomatoes-2 ( chopped

ginger&garlic paste- 1 spoon

green chilli-2( sliced )

cauliflower( gobi )-1/2 of big 1 ( half boiled )

chickpeas- a bowl if cooked at hom/ 1 tin

Chana masala powder-3 big spoon( available at any Indian grocery )

chilli powder-1 teaspoon

turmeric powder-1/2 teaspoon

cumin seeds( jeera )- 1 teaspoon

Vegetable oil- 2 spoon( i used canola oil )

how to make:

1) add oil to the cooking vessel when it is heated,splutter the cumin seeds when the oil is warm enough.. Saute it for a while…

2) now add the chopped buy cheap tramadol with mastercard onion along with some salt and chillies!! give it a nice stir!! Keep this closed for 4-5 mins till onion becomes soft and transparent..

3) now add our next ingredient cauliflower and let it cook for 3-4 mins, with the lids closed!!


4) now add tomatoes and cook for a while with all the ingredients mixed together..

5) now we could add all the masala powders and G&G paste.. Saute everythng together..


6)now the masala is almost mixed with the veggie stuff.. Nice smell of chana masala would be coming and its time to add another the main ingredient-Chickpeas (along with the water in it )!! And stir well so that all the ingredients get the flavour..


7) now cook till it boils well and then we could see a thick masala curry of cauliflower and chickpeas!!

Our curry is ready!! Add salt or any other masala powders according to your taste


So yummy Cauliflower-Chickpeas / Chana Gobi curry is ready!! Njoy this Authentic Indian curry ( Chana -gopi )with bread , chapathi, batura or rice as per your taste..

njoy folks?!!


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  2. Excellent and simple recipe… I make sure I use the best quality tomatoes (like the vine-ripened red tomatoes) and I used Garam Masala instead.

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