Easy- Tortilla Chicken Pizza

Easy- Tortilla Chicken Pizza:


Pizza is dat one food stuff which makes a smile on 3 of us- my hubby, my li’l cutie n myself ?!! V just luv n njoy eating pizza?..im used to make normal kinda thick crust pizza at home.. Bt this tym i made a change to the crust and replaced it with tortilla!! So here’s the recipe gyz…


Tortilla- as the number of pizza needed

tomato buy ultram online canada puree- of 3 big tomatoes

boneless chicken- 1 breast pc( i used leftover chicken in fridge)

olives- as per taste

jalapeno- as per taste

mozzerella cheese- 1 cup

Italian seasoning-1/2 teaspoon

black pepper powder-1/2 teaspoon

Olive oil- 1 spoon

tamarind paste-1 spoon

hot sauce-1 spoon( optional)

bell peppers( green)- 1/2( sliced to small pcs)

how to make :

(Firstly a big sorry for not able to click all the pics in the beginning  because i was in a hurry as it was too late to prepare dinner!! So did all things quickly..?)

1) first step is to make the tomato puree!! I washed the tomatoes and made a cross cut at the under portion n boiled it in water.. Wen the tomatoes are  Boiled , drain the water and remove the skin from beneath.. And take  the red flesh n grind it to thick paste without water!!

2) now keep a pan, add some olive oil and add the tomato puree along with salt, black pepper powder and italian seasoning.. Also add some tamarind paste and hot sauce for a sour taste!!Now let it cook for 5-8 mins.. So the sauce for pizza is done!!

3) boil the chicken breast pc in water along with some salt!!when its cooked drain the water out and cut this to small chunks for topping

4)now take a pan and saute the bell peppers and chicken chunks with some olive oil, salt and pepper…

5)heat the tortillas for a few seconds In order to make it warm..

6) now lets start the pizza dressing!! Place the tortillas in an oven plate, spread the sauce all over evenly..


7) now sprinkle the mozzeralla cheese all over the tortilla


8) now sprinkle the chicken – bell pepper roast, olives, jalapeno…, And whatever ingredients u luv to eat!!


9) sprinkle some more cheese to make the pizza cheesy…


10) now keep the tortilla pizza in oven n cook for 2mins or more untill the cheese melts.. Dont overcook!!


So yummy homemade pizza is ready!!


I made two kind of pizza’s !! One with jalapeno for my hubby n myself!! And without jalapeno for my daughter!!?


So homemade easy (cheaper than take out ) pizza is ready!! Try it n let me knw!!

njoy folks…?


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