Indo- Italian fusion Lasagna with Chicken And Veggies



Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes to prepare and eat as well!! The Italian taste and flavor of lasagna is really rich by all means!! Here I am giving a try to blend veggies cooked in Indian taste along  with chicken cooked in Italian style!! But surprisingly the result was really awesome!! This cheesy Indo- Italian lasagna  added extra luxury and flavor to our Friday dinner!

so all of you do give a try to this and please let me know how it was..

Steps Involved:

the lasagna preparation include three steps!!

1) prepare the Indian flavored veggie filling

2) prepare Italian chicken filling

3) preparing the lasagna sheets and layering all together

Indian veggie filling preparation:



  • onion- 2 small(finely chopped)
  • carrots-2( finely chopped )
  • potatoes-2( finely chopped )
  • green peas -10-12( finely chopped )
  • vegetable masala powder- 3 big spoons
  • canola oil/any veg oil – 2 teaspoon
  • frozen green peas – 1/2 cup( thawed )
  • ginger-1 big piece( pasted)
  • garlic-6 cloves (pasted )
  • chilly powder-1/2 teaspoon
  • coriander powder-1 big spoon

Preparing veggie masala :

1)heat the cooking vessel,add oil..when its hot enough add the chopped onion and saute for a while along with salt..later add all the veggie stuff and let it cook in with the lid closed..keep stirring in between to avoid the veggies sticking to the vessel..

After 15-20 mins add the G&G paste along with the masala powders..cook for 10 mins with the lid closed!!forget not to stir occasionally..


So the Indian veggie masala filling for Lasagna is ready!!!!


Italian Chicken filling:



  • olive oil-1 big spoon
  • Italian seasoning-1/2 teaspoon
  • minced chicken-1 boneless breast piece
  • tomato paste/puree/peeled tomato-2 big spoon
  • black pepper powder-1/2 teaspoon

Preparing Italian filling:

1)heat the pan and add olive oil..then add the minced chicken to this along with some salt..nw stir it and cook for 4-5 mins..


2)now add the tomato paste ,Italian seasoning and black pepper powder..cook till the chicken becomes soft and tender!!so now all the taste is absorbed to the chicken and the filling is done!! here comes the smell of lasagna!!!!:-)



Lasagna sheets cooking and layering:



  • lasagna sheets-i took 16 (3 for each layer )
  • olive oil-1 big spoon
  • mozzarella cheese – 1 bowl
  • cheddar cheese-1/2 bowl sliced
  • boiling water- enough water for the sheets to immerse in

Cooking Lasagna:

1)now boil the water in high flame and add some olive oil to avoid the sticking of sheets together..


cook this for 12-18 min(until the sheets become soft and cooked)! later drain the water and keep the sheets in a plate with each 1 separated from each other…

2)so we are ready for the final layering (the main process among all)!!!keep all the 2 fillings,olive oil and brush,lasagna sheets,cheeses,oven dish ready for the big deal:-)


3)now brush the olive oil all over the cooking dish(for oven baking)

4)place 3 lasagna sheets on the dish

5)sprinkle mozzarella cheese all over generously!!

6)spread the veggie filling all over the dish and make it to a decent layer


7)place the cheddar cheese slices in between

8)cover the filling with 3 sheets of lasagna

9)now spread the chicken filling and layer it well

10)sprinkle and place mozzarella and cheddar !!



11)now repeat the steps 5-10 ..that is ,2 more layer(1 more veggie layer and 1 more chicken layer)

so in total i have got 4 layers!!2 each of veggie n chicken…

12)now do the final layer with 3 sheets and top it with handful of cheeses!!

13)now bake it in oven for 5 minutes..that’s enough because all the ingredients are well cooked!!we just need to melt the cheese all over the layers!!


so finally our lasagna is all set to eat!! let it cool for 5 mins..



so yummy Indo-Italian Lasagna is done!!!!

njoy folks….:-)


  1. I’m a lasagne lover and never seen anything like this. Looks really good! 😀

  2. Thank u stevie?!! Try this recipe n njoy ur favrt lasagne with a twist!!

    1. Thank u fabulousfannyjr?!!

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