Grilled king fish salad

Easy Lunch-Grilled king fish salad

here’s the recipe of a healthy, tasty and at the same time easy lunch platter… King fish really adds richness and extra taste to your day… As you could see, i’v got some nice, fresh  big slices of king fish !!! It’s quite common to get this kind of  fleshy ones in Qatar..

Ingredients for marinade:

  • Ginger & Garlic paste- according to the fish size ( i took 2 spoon)
  • salt- as per taste
  • lemon juice- of a big lemon
  • cilantro leaves- a handful(chopped)
  • pepper powder- 1 1/2 teaspoon

Ingredients for salad:

  • lettuce- 1 big bowl (chopped)
  • lemon juice- of half a lemon
  • salt- as per taste
  • Olives- as your taste(green/black)
  • Jalapeno- 2 big spoon
  • red kidney beans- 1 tin( i used canned one)

How to make: 

1) marinate d fish with all the mentioned ingredients and keep aside for 2 hrs to absorb the taste and flavour to it.

Grilling marinade

2) grill the fish in a grilling pan with some olive oil brushed in it.


3) mix the lettuce, olives, kidney beans, lemon juice, olive oil(if needed), jalapeno, salt , pepper powder together and serve along with the grilled fish.



So easy yummy lunch is ready!!?

try this recipe and njoy with your loved ones!!


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