Chicken-Chickpeas creamy salad

Chicken-Chick peas creamy salad :

This salad is a simple and healthy meal for dinner or lunch as per one’s choice.. Very yummy too.. The creamy salad dressing adds the extra flavor …

Ingredients :

  • boneless chicken- 2 pieces
  • chick peas (boiled)- 1 tin
  • cucumber- 2 (chopped)
  • lettuce-1/2 bowl( chopped)
  • olives- green spicy slices ( as per taste)
  • salt- as per taste
  • jalapeno- 1 big spoon
  • Lemon juice-1/2 slice( for marinating)
  • pepper-1/2 teaspoon(for marinating)

How to make :

1) marinate the chicken pieces with lemon juice, order tramadol pharmacy salt and pepper..and keep thus aside for an hour or so..

2) shallow fry the marinated chicken pieces with little olive oil in the pan..


3) chop the cooked chicken pieces to small chunks…

4) In a large bowl mix chopped lettuce, olives, jalapeno, chick peas,sliced cucumber,sliced chicken chunks…


5)Then add the salad dressing.the dressing i used is Ina Parmesan Garlic& Feta creamy salad dressing..its so creamy and delicious…




6) now the creamy salad is ready??…it’s a wholesome meal for lunch or dinner!! njoy…..



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