Lunch box recipe no-2: Stir Fried Chicken with Beans in 10 mins


As I mentioned in my previous post Lunch Box Recipes here comes another quick recipe for Lunch box which i have tried at busy mornings..!!this can be served with Rice / chapathi !!really effortless as the recipe needs minimal ingredients..


One thing to be noted, always keep some Garlic & Ginger (in ready to use form )in the refrigerator.. This simple thing would save a lot of time & add more yummines to your food..


So here comes another 10 min recipe:

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Lunch Box 1-Simple Veg Pilaf/Pulao & Easy Chicken Stir Fry


So from this post onward’s,I am planning to post a series of Lunch Box recipes these coming days..😃! All the coming posts regarding the same are tried and tested by me for my Hubby😋😛.I know how difficult it is for moms to send their kids,husband and themselves to work/school early morning with tiffin boxes😤!!



So I hope these quick recipes would be a bit helpful for all out there..

There are certain things to consider before packing lunch box:

1)it shouldn’t be too watery/oily( would end up in a mess😓)!!

2)it should be easily edible with spoon / hands.( for chapathi’s we can’t depend upon spoon )

3)there should be partition in the lunch box so that the food stuff remains unmixed!

4)try to cling wrap the whole box if u can or else wrap it with a towel for extra protection!

5) never go for too much time consuming recipes in the morning.. If you want prepare it overnight  & microwave and pack in the lunch box..


So here ‘s my 1st Lunch Box Idea:

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Green Veg Curry With Cashew & Coconut cream


Ever since I tasted Thai dishes,it was a dream to make similar with Indian Spices😋!! Yesterday I did it.. More like Thai Green curry ,but with Indian spices and no Thai Ingredients..



It was a super hit at the dining table for supper along with both chapathi & Rice!!yeah my not so veggie Husband and li’l one loved it and got a Thumps Up from him😎😛!!



the recipe I made was very simple and the only time consuming part was chopping the veggies..after the dish was done I smile like anything 😀!! Because I was that happy.. Just like a scientist’s experiment went right 😇!!


so here’s my easy Green Veg Curry:

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Zero Oil Chicken Curry in less Than 15mins!!


Haiiiiii everyone😃!! It’s been a long time .. Posting after a big is getting very busy and these days I was completely away from my kitchen..😔!! Kind of fed up with the take outs😤.. Soooooo it’s time to get back to kitchen & to my blogging world😀❤️❤️!!


so here is a new beginning with a zero oil chicken curry recipe!! The highlight is that it’s done in no time.. this is the quick recipe which I learnt from my mom..and now started preparing without oil-but the taste remained very same & too yummy…😋




so here’s the recipe:

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Good Morning-Cheesy Egg Muffin


Breakfast Cheesy Egg Muffin with Baked Peas & Chicken Luncheon:

This weekend I made something yummy  & easy for to see this muffin idea from Pinterest.. So thought to give it a try with our favorite ingredients..


it was a great relief on holidays to play with some easy recipes without much effort or time..😛!!it was too good..


and I got a chance to use my new silicone muffin tray😃! It was awesome to use silicone moulds..



Here’s the quick recipe:

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Roasted Chicken( With Indo-Italian marinade)


Roasted Chicken And Potato Fries:

Few months back I tried roasted chicken for first time!! But it was just OK TYPE!! And I took good care of the previous faults and improved my recipe..


suprisingly this time it came out “PERFECT”😋😂!! Yeah my hubby dear and li’l one who were mad for chicken,gave me a THUMPS UP after having it..😀!! It was cooked soft and mind was dancing out of joy when they were eating it with extreme happiness💃😄🍗!! Ha ha ha..




So here’s my recipe of Roasted Chicken:

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Homemade Hummus


Homemade Hummus( my first attempt):

i am very happy to share this particular post and the upcoming 1 as well..😃!! Because it was another big wish of mine to prepare a Roasted chicken and hummus just like baking a perfect cake..


And finally that too happened 😂!! Yesterday I made it..the recipe of Roasted Chicken is coming on the next post..


we usually used store bought hummus.. This time i made it at home.. Was so fresh and yumm..So thought to share the recipe for those who haven’t yet tried this easy have healthy Awesome dip..



here’s the recipe of basic Hummus:

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Spicy Stir Fried Chicken with Shallots


Chicken Upperi:

Today for lunch I prepared something very quick as a side to Rice😊!! As I told earlier, my mind works more creative when I am lazy or too tired..😛!! Yeah.. !!


so today I created something very yummy and spicy out of my laziness!! We just loved the new chicken recipe❤️❤️!!


here’s the recipe:

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Red Plum Smoothie


I just can’t express how yummy the drink was !! it was heaven…😋! never made something very simple,special and yummy yet.(at least i think so😐)!!


today after our weekend brunch we 3 had a craving for a sweet drink..and there i found some Red Plums..and in the dairy section there was thick cream as well..

so a new idea of blending both a days i am playing more with fruits and sweet recipes ever since i have reached back Qatar!!:-)


her i am taking this to my friends at Angie’s party:-)..


here’s the easy recipe:

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Eid dessert-Strawberry Trifle with Homemade Coffee Cake And Strawberry Custard



sorry for the late wishes😔!!was really very busy!! This Eid was indeed special.. Because my birthday & our Wedding Anniversary (both on one single date) and Eid were on adjacent dates.. So full of celebrations😃❤️❤️!!


we ( me and hubby..)made a coffee cake and thought would turn it to a layered strawberry cake!! But later we changed our mind.. Because he is not a big fan of cakes!! But love pudding & desserts.. So the idea of trifle stroked me…


and this post is going to be a big one with more than 3 recipes ..


here i am taking this yummy treat to my friends over at Angie’s party…


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Stir Fried Chicken With Vegetables!!


With Leftover Roasted Chicken:

After so many Sweet posts, here comes a Spicy one😀!! Actually I love preparing and eating Spicy  Dishes rather than Sweet!! We make sweet dishes on special occasions or whenever any of us have a craving ..


Today i am coming with something that would be very handy to all of u..this is a re-do recipe with leftover Roasted Chicken(take out) ….instead of trying usual ingredients and same method,this time i tried something very simple and healthy…the chicken itself tasted awesome so minimal additions were needed!!


do give a try to this recipe next time you got roasted chicken left in the refrigerator:-)..


here’s the recipe:

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