Tortilla Casserole With Chicken & Cauliflower


Tortilla casserole is that one recipe which I always wanted to try..and last week I made it😊!! With the not so favorite ingredient of my family-cauliflower( but I love cauliflower)!!added some chicken chunks as well to please my husband and daughter..😛!!


So my version of Tortilla Casserole is enriched with The Indian Spices..!!and the magic worked.. All of us loved it especially hubby😊!! So now tortilla casserole is happily added to our menu..


tortilla casserole with chicken and cauliflower


here’s the recipe:

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Tuna – Veggie Patties


Tuna is a healthy food ingredient with lot of Vitamin B6 & B12,phosphorus,proteins,Niacin and Selenium.. And with low amount of saturated it’s always good to include this healthy food item in our daily diet..


My li’l one never used to eat tuna when I made a curry or salad out of it.. So the idea of patties came to my mind.. And it was a great success.. She started eating it even before frying 😃!!


And the recipe I did was so easy with minimal procedures , but with more healthy ingredients!! It was really yummm.. We all loved it 😊❤️!!

This is the fourth patties recipe I am posting..

1) Red Spinach Chicken Patties..

2) Ragda Patties(Indian Street Food) &

3)Homemade Burger With Spicy Cheesy Chicken-Jalapeño Patties

so here’s the recipe of Tuna Patties:

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Homemade Indian Tandoori Chicken-on stove top BBQ grill pan


Yeah.. Tandoori Chicken!! At our home this very HOMEMADE Tandoori Chicken  was the star of the weekend 😃!! During this winter vacation my sis visited us from Dubai and she gifted me a STOVE TOP BBQ GRILL the name itself indicates the pan was super Awesome..loved preparing on it!! THANK YOU so much my DEAR SIS😊❤️❤️!!


so this pan let’s you to prepare Tandoori, Kebab,Grilled items at your kitchen and that too on stove top.. also tastes very similar to the regular grills..


and the best thing is that It’s  SUPER HEALTHY with few drops of oil brushed all over the Grill😊!!


so here’s my homemade Tandoori Chicken with Homemade marinade..

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Bowl of Goodness -With Veggie Pasta & Breaded Lemon Chicken


Rich Creamy Pasta With Spinach,Broccoli & all kind of peppers along with Breaded chicken:

Yeah it was really a rich BOWL OF GOODNESS with all kind of healthy ingredients in one single dish..and super yummy as well.. Even my li’l one had twice that day who never used to eat spinach & rest of the veggies..


so with this recipe you can make sure your family eats all the essential veggies such as spinach,broccoli,bell peppers, olives along with the goodness of milk and cheese as well..


so here’s the recipe:

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helllooooooooooo everyone!!! wish you all a very happy year ahead with Almighty’s blessings..🎊❤️🎈🎈😃

DECEMBER was really a busy and surprising month indeed.. That’s why no post all these days(not just all these days!! no post from 1 whole month)..joined my first job at Qatar as a Teacher at High school it took me a while to adjust with the changed routine..Now it’s vacation time and looking forward to cook more yummy stuff worth posting here.. Really missed the blogging world and my lovely friends..!!

actually the main reason for not posting is that i really feel unsatisfied with recipes to post blog is so special to me now a always looking for the best presentation,pic and taste!!

Hmmmmm.. Great smell of cakes and cookies is all in the air..I hope all my friends’ blogs would be filled with Christmas & new year treats!! Let me check everyone’s yummy blogs..

This 2014 was really a great year ..with so many ups & downs and happenings..One of the great change happened is this blog was created all a sudden on a fine morning of April..then i started posting recipes without any was super fun to be in this blogging world with new friends and a wide window to a new world..even my not that close friends and relatives started chatting with me telling how they loved my blog and recipes..really amazed me!! and they keep telling me the kind of recipes they want to see here and how helpful was it for them..

and can you believe,the food been served in this blog was cooked from 4 different kitchens as i traveled twice to kerala and shifted apartment here at many memories related with each kitchen and each post..we had a great time while clicking each hubby changed his camera twice for the perfect shots..and now he is mad of collecting new lenses to the camera..

so here’s my favorite and Popular 15 recipes of 2014!!

Roasted Chicken( With Indo-Italian marinade)


Roasted Carrots,Quail Eggs,Sausage Salad


Watermelon Lemonade With Gingery Ice Cubes(this is the recipe which featured at the Attleya magazine and Fiesta Friday)


Independence Day Tricolor Cake & Mom’s Birthday Cake


Kerala Fish Curry( meen mulakittathu)


Cupcakes With Butter Cream Frosting


Eid dessert-Strawberry Trifle with Homemade Coffee Cake And Strawberry Custard


Red Plum Smoothie


Spicy Stir Fried Chicken with Shallots


Zero Oil Chicken Curry in less Than 15mins!!


“Chatti Pathiri”- with Caremalized Plantain & Egg

Chatti pathiri sweet

Chatti pathiri sweet

Sweet & Spicy Schezwan Chicken Lollipop


Broccoli-Egg-Fried Rice


Momos and red chilly dip!!


Chicken Stuffed Egg Butterflies (step by step images)


so,here’s it…looking forward to cook some yummy food and post here all the time without much break..and a very big THANK YOU to all my friends..

njoy folks:-)!!

Homemade Burger With Spicy Cheesy Chicken-Jalapeño Patties


Yeah!! Heard it right😃😃.. Homemade Burger With Spicy Cheesy Chicken-Jalapeño Patties🍔!! I am a BIG BIG BURGER LOVER..😋❤️!!not just ME, my HUBBY & DAUGHTER we are a BURGER FAMILY😛😝!!


But now we are fed up of the usual Burger take outs ! So was looking for new tastes..accidentally one day We found the count down of most cheesy food items in the world in TLC.. One was a burger recipe, with full of cheese ,jalapeño etc..( don’t remember the name of the restaurant 😔!!) how lucky the guys would be who got to eat from there..wowwwww😋


I found this idea really AWESOME!! Yeah.. The next day I tried it out in my own style & as per our taste..😊!!


so here’s  the new Indian mixed version of Cheesy Burger:

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Lunch box recipe no-2: Stir Fried Chicken with Beans in 10 mins


As I mentioned in my previous post Lunch Box Recipes here comes another quick recipe for Lunch box which i have tried at busy mornings..!!this can be served with Rice / chapathi !!really effortless as the recipe needs minimal ingredients..


One thing to be noted, always keep some Garlic & Ginger (in ready to use form )in the refrigerator.. This simple thing would save a lot of time & add more yummines to your food..


So here comes another 10 min recipe:

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Lunch Box 1-Simple Veg Pilaf/Pulao & Easy Chicken Stir Fry


So from this post onward’s,I am planning to post a series of Lunch Box recipes these coming days..😃! All the coming posts regarding the same are tried and tested by me for my Hubby😋😛.I know how difficult it is for moms to send their kids,husband and themselves to work/school early morning with tiffin boxes😤!!



So I hope these quick recipes would be a bit helpful for all out there..

There are certain things to consider before packing lunch box:

1)it shouldn’t be too watery/oily( would end up in a mess😓)!!

2)it should be easily edible with spoon / hands.( for chapathi’s we can’t depend upon spoon )

3)there should be partition in the lunch box so that the food stuff remains unmixed!

4)try to cling wrap the whole box if u can or else wrap it with a towel for extra protection!

5) never go for too much time consuming recipes in the morning.. If you want prepare it overnight  & microwave and pack in the lunch box..


So here ‘s my 1st Lunch Box Idea:

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Green Veg Curry With Cashew & Coconut cream


Ever since I tasted Thai dishes,it was a dream to make similar with Indian Spices😋!! Yesterday I did it.. More like Thai Green curry ,but with Indian spices and no Thai Ingredients..



It was a super hit at the dining table for supper along with both chapathi & Rice!!yeah my not so veggie Husband and li’l one loved it and got a Thumps Up from him😎😛!!



the recipe I made was very simple and the only time consuming part was chopping the veggies..after the dish was done I smile like anything 😀!! Because I was that happy.. Just like a scientist’s experiment went right 😇!!


so here’s my easy Green Veg Curry:

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Broccoli-Chickpeas Curry / Broccoli-Chana Masala


My family loves Chana Masala(Chickpeas curry) goes really well with Chapathi /Naan/ any kind of bread..and few days back i made some with a new addition of Broccoli to was super Healthy & yummmm…!!yeah was awesome for supper along with Chapathi..


I have posted another version of Chana with Cauliflower (Chana-Gobi Masala) during the early days of my give a look at the post and try it as well..:-)


Tried to make the recipe most simple and easy!! i hope this would be a lot more time saving :-)..


here’s the recipe:

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Zero Oil Chicken Curry in less Than 15mins!!


Haiiiiii everyone😃!! It’s been a long time .. Posting after a big is getting very busy and these days I was completely away from my kitchen..😔!! Kind of fed up with the take outs😤.. Soooooo it’s time to get back to kitchen & to my blogging world😀❤️❤️!!


so here is a new beginning with a zero oil chicken curry recipe!! The highlight is that it’s done in no time.. this is the quick recipe which I learnt from my mom..and now started preparing without oil-but the taste remained very same & too yummy…😋




so here’s the recipe:

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