Stir Fried Chicken With Vegetables!!


With Leftover Roasted Chicken:

After so many Sweet posts, here comes a Spicy one😀!! Actually I love preparing and eating Spicy  Dishes rather than Sweet!! We make sweet dishes on special occasions or whenever any of us have a craving ..


Today i am coming with something that would be very handy to all of u..this is a re-do recipe with leftover Roasted Chicken(take out) ….instead of trying usual ingredients and same method,this time i tried something very simple and healthy…the chicken itself tasted awesome so minimal additions were needed!!


do give a try to this recipe next time you got roasted chicken left in the refrigerator:-)..


here’s the recipe:

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“Chicken Thoran”/ stir fried chicken with coconut & Potato:

This is my first guest post!! And i am so glad to post my first one in my dear Jhuls’ yummy blog-THE NOT SO CREATIVE COOK..!! :) I am pretty sure that Jhuls would be a dear friend of every single person she have ever met..she’s that sweet and awesome person with a very good humour factor in herself..



All of us love reading her posts, comments and yummy recipes along with drooling pictures..

❤❤ you Jhuls❤!!

i wanted to do something that is very special and which would stand for my home town-Kerala!!so here’s 1 typical kerala recipe to my dear Filipina friends’s blog..:-)!! may be i would ask her to prepare some yummy Filipina Recipe some day, when i do a guest post at mine:-)

do check out her yummy blog with tons of sweet and delicious other recipes…

Now lets get to the recipe…

please click this link to Jhul’s Yummy Blog for the full recipe:



Chicken thoran/ Stir Fried Chicken with Coconut & Potato is a yummy dish that would go well with rice or rotis as well…

njoy folks:-)!!

Cupcakes With Butter Cream Frosting



So yesterday night one of my big dream was fulfilled😀!! ” To Bake A CUPCAKE😂😂”!! Yeah, you heard it right.. It was MY DREAM❤️❤️!!


And now I could also celebrate our special days with homemade cupcakes & cakes.. I always used to envy those who expertise in baking, especially cupcakes..and finally I did it on my hubby’s birthday😃!!


As it was my first time, I was pretty unsure about the measurements and all.. So I searched a lot of recipes in the Internet and ended upon a good easy basic recipe for the cupcake by ” Eugine Kitchen”!! Do check her yummy you tube videos😊..
And made the measurements and ingredients according to my need!!

i am taking this to Angie’s party:-)


Here’s the recipe:

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Strawberry & Kiwi Sorbet


Haiiiiiii friends… I am back😊!! So here comes my post after a big gap.. Feeling really glad to be back at Qatar and to my regular blogging routine😀..

IMG_6163All these days I badly missed posting recipes and my fellow blogging friends..!! And now I think I can post like before I used to be.. Last week,I missed out Angie’s party as well😔!!
But today I am taking a yummy Sorbet recipe to Fiesta Friday😃!!


I always wanted to try Sorbet.. So day before yesterday I gave it a try and the out come was absolutely delicious😋!!



So here’s the easy recipe:

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Salad Recipes Round Up:-)


I haven’t stayed away from my blog like this before:-( a days i am cooking as usual.but due to some technical problems and busy life,not posting recipes..hopefully waiting to post yummy recipes soon!! i really missed posting,styling and sharing yummy food stuff with you all..its very hard to stay back..


but these days i went through all my blogging friends’s yummy recipes and posts!!

And Here I am coming with a round up of my salad  recipes till now..i have posted a number of salad recipes ,which’s my favorite dish to prepare and eat as well..really healthy too…


so in this post you could find all the Salad posts under a single banner..would add the upcoming salad posts too to this round up…


so do check the list and find something you missed so far:

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Pomegranate-Apple Milk Shake


Today here I am coming with a yummy  drink🍹😊!! My blog is literally starving since the beginning of this month😯😞!! Its a very busy month for my family..and we are mostly eating out.. Hope I could post recipes soon regularly as usual😊!!


2 days back i prepared some healthy smoothie for supper so that i could skip a heavy was not that pretty for eyes, but really healthy !!


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Mathanga- Pazham Prathaman/ Pumpkin-Plantain Dessert( Onam Special )


Mathanga- Pazham Prathaman/ Pumpkin-Plantain Dessert( Onam Special ):

First of all, I wish you all a happy Onam😊!! For those who doesn’t know Onam-its the Harvest Festival of Kerala.. The festival which everyone in the state celebrates despite of the caste and religion..


Festival of flowers,happines and of
course yummy food..Ona-Sadya is the key attraction..its a complete meal served with atleast 10-15 side curries ( all veg ) and different variety of Payasam/ prathaman😋!!


here i am coming with an Onam special sweet drink-prathaman( my first attempt as my own recipe.. Used to prepare by following recipes from the magazines)! I hope you all would love it..

Also this is the first time I am trying a sweet recipe with Pumpkin😃!!

Here’s the simple recipe:

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Carrot Lassi


Carrot Lassi( carrot-yogurt drink ):

Today when i was about to make carrot juice, this new idea striked me😃!!How about a Lassi instead of the usual juice..


so that’s how i decided to try a new lassi recipe with was really a good try.. The result was super yummm..


Lassi is a sweet Indian drink with yogurt.. Very famous drink during summer!! Not just summer, its an all time refreshing drink..

So here’s the recipe:

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Butter Chicken / “Murgh Makhani”


Butter Chicken / ” Murgh Makhani “:

Its sure that i would go for a Butter Chicken along with any bread / Naan if I am eating out!! I am a crazy fan of Butter Chicken😍😋..i think most of us love the same ,isn’t it???image

okayyy… So here’s is an easy recipe of Butter chicken which i used to prepare at home.. Few years back i searched a lot more recipes on the same and finally concluded with this one( mixing all the possible ingredients & methods from here and there) and made it to fit my family’s taste buds😊!


and it was a hit when i served for my family & cousins..😃!!must say, it tasted good with  the spicy curry along with a sweet touch..I am taking this to Miz Helen’s Full Plate Thursday :-)


here’s the recipe:

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Ragda Patties(Indian Street Food)


Ragda Patties(Indian Street Food):

Ragda Patties is a Famous Indian street food…its really a fantastic feel to eat all this yummy food at the busy crowded streets…as told in a previous post ,I had this first time from Delhi..and me and Hubby used to eat it at least 2 times a day:-)! it was that yummm…


yesterday there was some cooked green peas left in the i decided to prepare Ragda was my first attempt…everyone loved it …me too:-)




here’s the simple recipe:

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Kerala Fish Curry( meen mulakittathu)


Kerala Fish Curry( Meen Mulakittathu -king fish):

I am so happy to post todays recipe😃!! This is one that recipe of my dad which is being frequently asked by our family and friends..if i am right,i have prepared the recipe or wrote the recipe a couple of times for many of them..and most of my cousins ask to prepare this if they are visiting us for Lunch….from dad me too learnt this awesome recipe of fish curry…THANK YOU DAD:-)


and now all of them are following the same recipe !! So you guyz could imagine the yumminess of this curry..😋!!

Too easy to prepare with few ingredients..the curry tastes divine with rice😃!!its a great combination..

here I am taking this to Angie’s Fiesta Friday party❤😃..


here’s the recipe:

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